Friday, June 27, 2008

'Umar's wife acts as a Midwife

Amir-ul-Mominin 'Umar (Radhiallaho anho, during the time of his Khilafat, used to patrol the streets and suburbs of Madinah himself during the night to keep a watch. During one of his night-patrols, he noticed a camel-hair tent pitched in an open space. He had never seen this particular tent before. Approaching the tent, he found an individual sitting outside, and heard a sort of groan coming out of the tent. 'Umar (Radhiallaho anho) greeted the stranger with 'Assalam-o-alaikum' and sat down beside him.

'Umar : "Whence brother?"

The person : "I am from the desert, and a stranger to this place. I have come to
request Amir-ul-Mo'minin for some help in my need."

'Umar : "Who is there groaning like this inside the tent?"

The person : "Please mind your own business."

'Umar : "Do tell me please. May be that I can help you."

The person : "If you must know, inside there is my wife groaning with labour pains."

'Umar : "Is there anybody else to attend her?"

The person : "No one."

'Umar (Radhiallaho anho), thereupon, got up and hurried homewards. He broached the subject to his wife Umme-Kulsum (Radhiallaho anha)thus:

"Allah has brought you an opportunity to receive great blessings."

Wife : "What is it, O, Amir-ul-Mo'minin?"

'Umar : "Yonder, a poor woman of the desert is in childbirth, with none to attend

Wife : "I am ready to attend her, if it may please you so."

Umme-Kulsum (Radhiallaho anha)was after all the daughter of Fatimah (Radhiallaho anha), and grand-daughter of Rasulullah ; how could she hesitate at the time of such need of a forlorn sister, such a service and a devotion which Allah loves best?

'Umar : "Then you should make all due haste. Also take a pan, some butter, provisions
and other things needed during the child birth."

Umme-Kulsum (Radhiallaho anha) did as she was bidden and left for the place where the tent was pitched. 'Umar followed her close. She entered the tent, while 'Umar made a fire and occupied himself with cooking something which those people could eat. After some time, Umme-Kulsum (Radhiallaho anha) called out from inside the tent,
"Amir-ul=Mo'minin, congratulate your friend on the birth of a son."

The person was much embarrased when he heard the address of 'Amir-ul-Mo'minin' and realized the position of the person who had been serving him. But 'Umar (Radhiallaho anho)put all his fears to rest, saying:

"That is alright, there is nothing to worry about."

He then placed the pan near the tent, asking his wife to take it and feed the woman. She fed her and returned the pan. Then 'Umar (Radhiallaho anho) asked the beduin to partake of the food, as he had kept awake the whole night.

Having rendered this service, 'Umar (Radhiallaho anho) returned home with his wife, telling the person "Come to me tomorrow, and I shall see what I can do for you."

Is there any king, nay a petty chief, or even an ordinary middle-class person of our time, who will thus take his wife out of dead of night, and out in the wilderness, to attend a poor strange woman, while he himself gladly engages in making fire and cooking food. Leave the worldly rich aside, how many of the religious people would do that? We should realize that unless we really follow in the footsteps of those God-fearing people whom we profess to look up to as our models, we cannot deserve and wish for the special blessings that Allah bestowed on them.

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Assalamu Alaikum
Everybody should read this story, keep it in heart without leaving a single word and pass it to one having heart to think.